‘Asking people for directions’ is a whole movie/sitcom trope that’s now as redundant as the phone box.


As a student I was once asked for directions by a bunch of burly Kiwis in a van. It was too complicated to explain so I just hopped in with them to show them the way. They turned out to be the All Blacks on tour, they were visiting a team mate who was on scholarship to my uni. That wouldn’t/couldn’t happen now. 😂

@ottocrat an #Australian backpacker lost in the Midlands in the 1980s. "Hey mate, can you tell us the way to Lugabaruga?"

(He was looking for #Loughborough.)

@simonblackley @ottocrat I’m pretty certain my mum was ground zero for this- she was actually asked this by an Australian in Warwickshire in the 90’s, I think. It became an urban myth thereafter

@flakmagnet @simonblackley That’s the thing about urban myths, everyone’s only one step removed from ground zero… ;)

@ottocrat @simonblackley well, she’s been dead a few years now, so it will just have to remain a mystery! 🧐

@ottocrat @simonblackley that’s thoughtful of you to say, but as I was on Twitter for a few years, any reaction below “I’M GLAD SHE’S DEAD!!!” feels relatively benign 😏

@ottocrat 16 y/o, walking home from a mate’s house, maybe 1am. Car pulls up, 5 lads in there. “Excuse me mate, which way is it to London?”

I was in Leeds ffs. Pointed them in the direction of the motorway and did warn them it might be a bit of a drive

@BeardyBassist Were they Canadian? 😅 When I was in Ottawa our local work colleagues in all seriousness suggest after work drinks in Montreal, a two hour drive away. And be surprised at our incredulity.

@ottocrat maybe you misremembered it; perhaps you said “you need to make a left” and they replied “sure, jump in!”

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