bubble friends, here’s a restaurant recommendation: try Yann Culinary on Archimède, in the place that used to be Mi Figue Mi Raisin. Young family, chef making excellent food, not much footfall, would be great to see them prosper. I’m always alone in here.

@ottocrat No need to eat alone next time, just give me a shout. (And thanks for the recommendation.)

@adrechsel I like eating alone! But I also like eating with friends. :)

@ottocrat Totally fine. I'll leave shouting or silence up to you 😉

@ottocrat I can't understand the French that well, but doesn't seem very veggie friendly. I'll be in Brussels in a couple of week, and would try it if it had a nice selection for me too!

@ottocrat thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out next time we are in town

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