The difference between the EU and the US? The efficiency of public decision-making. No veto to each of the 50 States, no rotating presidency, no qualified majorities, and a more balanced distribution of competences between the Union and the States. When will we get it?

The entirely expected result of a veto system. In every single organisation.
's government is despicable in its tactics and corruption, but other Member States only get what they continue to agree to: a blocking right for themselves, but also for everyone else.

Beyond the weirdness of a specific party/group owning such a generic domain name, we look forward to seeing what project between member parties of the @eppgroup will use the name "europeanparties".

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Sadly, it's official. The @eppgroup — which has owned the domain name "" (yes, "parties", not "group") for the past 16 years and is not using it — has declined our request to release this domain for our upcoming European Party Funding Observatory. Pity.

The European Parliament's Directorate-General for Finance. Brought to you by Gilette.

Gets me every time. 😄

Commitments are not a currency. Real reform must be achieved first, and only then should funds be disbursed. This is not 🇭🇺's money that it's entitled to; this is 🇪🇺 citizens' money. Yours and mine.

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