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Violence against women happens in every country. The facts are shocking:

1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence, and 1 in 5 girls are victims of child sexual abuse.

We are committed to ending this violence.

#SayNoStopVAW @ChristianWigand

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EU_Commission/status

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❗️ website is down just hours after it adopts resolution recognising as a state sponsor of terrorism. @myepapp may also fail to load certain information at this moment.

🇫🇷 Mon mémoire de recherche intitulé "Les podcasts politiques natifs donnant la parole aux femmes : des espaces médiatiques pour repenser les rôles de genre en politique", écrit dans le cadre de mon Master à l'Institut français de presse est en ligne sur le site d'Assas Recherche.

🇬🇧 My thesis about native political podcasts and their role in rethinking gender roles in politics is published!

ONLINE here 👉 lnkd.in/eFd4h-Bz

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