The risk that Twitter might no longer have the staff to comply with EU rules was hammered home when the European Commission discovered the Twitter employees they had been liaising with on new regulations... had been sacked

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🇫🇷 French media regulator asked Twitter to explain how it will respect the law on hate speech and misinformation now that most of its moderators are gone. Twitter has until Thursday to answer.

With #Twitter in turmoil, Europe’s regulators can’t get emails answered and don’t know what’s going on. How will they hold Musk to account? Will the #EU Commission become the world's digital police? Good read in #Politico on how Elon Musk gives Europe’s digital watchdogs their biggest test yet. #DigitalRights #DataProtection #DigitalServiceAct #Twitanic

20,000+ followers here at #Mastodon after less than three days is a huge encouragement.

Thank you for welcoming us in #fediverse and for your incredible support. We need it. The #memory needs it.

#NeverForget #Auschwitz #history

Personally, I'd love to see the UK rejoin the .

Failing that, EEA membership via EFTA (so-called "Norway option") is 2nd-best.

Failing that, one or more Swiss-style bilateral treaties.

Failing that, at least a Theresa May-style arrangement.

Failing that, fine, go for a Cummings-style "Singapore-on-Thames", taking risks and diverging from EU regulation selectively. Not what I want, but I see the logic.

But the absolute worst option is what the UK has now, which is just bitter incoherence

This site makes me feel guilty about the fact I didn’t let mastodons on the Ark.

Hard to see how can survive this decision, coming op top of the huge staffing, commercial and technical difficulties it's already facing. What advertiser wants to be displayed next to an openly fascist politician? And on a more practical level for users: if you've ever retweeted or 'liked' a Trump post, that's now in full public view. This is going to be a mess...

Almost 180k new users joined #mastodon yesterday, a new record. This third #twitterMigration wave happened after Musk's Twitter 2.0 ultimatum to #Twitter workers. Each wave is stronger than the previous one. Here is my updated plot showing the three consecutive waves.

I'm late to this article by @mathewi and the surrounding discourse, but it seems pretty off base, particularly the headline. The final paragraph mentions that 45 out of some 12,000 servers in the fediverse were blocking the JournaHost server. But it didn't mention the JournaHost server was blocking almost double that number itself. This is how the fediverse works. It doesn't represent some widespread culture clash over journalists joining Mastodon.

Who knows if / how long Twitter will last.

What we can say with confidence is that plenty of policymakers are getting a live demonstration of the importance of stuff like data portability. is highlighting the need for regulation supporting a .

Now is probably a good time to circulate reminders that:

1. The mastodon app is terrible. Use Metatext or tooot instead. The browser is also great.

2.Go into preferences and enable advanced web features to set up a fuller dashboard.

3. With #2 you can also easily follow hashtags in addition to follows, local, and federated timelines.

4. The influx of new users may slow certain instances down.

5. You can move to different instances, but read this first.

This is absolutely wild! A story about billionaires who want to "take control of evolution" and create as many "genius" babies as possible for the good of the species.

In the wake of Elon's meltdown and the FTX fiasco, it feels like effective altruism and long-termism are finally being approached more critically.

One of his key observations is that, almost by definition, tech billionaires are “unable to see themselves as members of society”. The venture capitalist Peter Thiel, for example, has said that the governance of society can’t be entrusted to the people (who in 2009 he called “the unthinking demos”). It follows that the winners of capitalist games, like him, should be “free” (Thiel’s much-used word) to preside “as gods” (Rushkoff’s not inaccurate extrapolation).


Mastodon est allemand.
Peertube est français.
Nextcloud est allemand.
LibreOffice est allemand.
Twake est français.
Xwiki est français.
OnlyOffice est letton.

Mozilla ne produit plus rien de challengeant contre les GAFAM depuis des lustres.

Le web libre se fait en Europe 🇪🇺

This one is for all the new people on #Mastodon: did you know that the #fediverse has more than just a microblogging replacement? And that they can all interoperate with your Mastodon account?

Check them out!

Facebook replacement: Friendica
Instagram replacement: Pixelfed
YouTube replacement: PeerTube
Spotify replacement: Funkwhale
MeetUp replacement: Mobilizon
Reddit replacement: Lemmy
Podcasting replacement: Castopod
GoodReads replacement: BookWyrm

"We are tracking recent developments at Twitter with deep concern. No CEO or company is above the law, and companies must follow our consent decrees."
— statement from FTC regarding #ElonsHusk

Any other Bloggingportal veterans on here? Willing to help grow the EU Mastosphere? Wait, wait, wait - don't leave! We can pick a better name later! 😅

@nosemonkey @jon @antoniam @ronpatz @mathew

I just asked my communications and IT colleagues at #Stanford to consider hosting a #Mastodon server for our University community (as MIT has already done:

Such institutional sponsorships (e.g., higher ed, academic associations, etc.) seem like a compelling & sustainable equilibrium for the #TwitterMigration. I also think organizations that do so would benefit in several ways without meaningful new risks.
#OpenSource #fediverse #Twitter #EconTwitter #Economics

"If Mastodon thrives, many will hail it as a new European tech player.

But the platform holds a more valuable promise — the establishment of a more democratic social network that can be used by anybody, everywhere in the world, without being manipulated by big money, the whims of billionaires or repressive governments."

@Meyer_Resende on Mastodon:

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