Hi, my name is Sebastian! You might know me from work, and this is my work account.
If you know me from @kaerF, that's ok, that's also me.
I work in policy, so here's today's motto.

The SNCF is about to cancel even more trains between Lille and Brussels.

Fun fact: of my last 4 trips, 3 were late. If you ask for a refund, you cannot use it on cross-border trains. Discount cards work in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg, but not in Belgium 🙈
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A l'heure où il est chaudement recommandé de prendre le train, la @SNCF dégrade l'offre entre Lille et Bruxelles et incite les navetteurs à op…

I don't want flying cars and hyperloops, I just want cheap trains that work.

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: The People's Story on is a tough, gripping but also a much-needed to watch, focusing on Mariupol’s inhabitants. Unreal that this takes place in 2022 youtube.com/watch?v=vyJTN0ihUO

An excellent map showing the growth of European states between 2000-2022 (in GDP)

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This week in The @FrenchDispatch@twitter.com 📨

🏛️The Assemblé Nationale votes to enshrine abortion in the French constitution
🚀Sophie Adenot carries French hopes into space
🔍Macron investigated over campaign financing
🌹New Socialist challengers are approaching

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I always search for light. The way light transforms. The mundane to the poetic. The ordinay to the eerie. The plain to the beautiful.

Oslo, November 2022.

#photography #oslo #UrbanPhotography #psychogeography

1/ Hear me out if you're working on #AI/#ML, especially on the ethics of it all. As you know, there is an urgent need to demistify this subject. This also requires *us* to communicate in a different way.

I have two suggestions to that end. I'll give the why in this thread:
1. Stop using the word #algorithm, and start using descriptive language.
2. Stop using the term 'artificial intelligence'. I propose 'assistive computation' instead.

#AssistiveComputation #MachineLearning #Communication

5/ Now for the much more complicated suggestion: stop using the term artifical intelligence.

The point has been made by many people that #AI is neither artificial, nor intelligent. I'm not going to repeat the arguments here. If you have read up to this point, you already know them.

Knowing this, it's foolish to keep using this term. It leads many people (even computer scientists!) to believe things about AI which just aren't realistic at all.

#AI #AssistiveComputation

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@ilyaz Policymakers included! One of many examples: many of them believe application of enough “AI” can magically solve content moderation issues on billion-user social networks (without creating any freedom of expression issues)

What an excellent Sunday project - I have set a new home page for @myepapp and I could immediately verify it for Mastodon! 👍

Based anri-imperialist take

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Calling the United States out on its imperialism, but refusing to acknowledge when Russia and China do the same doesn't make you an anti-imperialist.


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I think France is the wisest country. They really have it figured out, man. They just eat good food, ride the train, have sex and riot

We're heading into the weekend by announcing our intent to add #IPFS support to #Mastodon

This means that media attachments can also be collectively shared across the fediverse, just like messages already are.

Initial funding page up on @opencollective if you want to support, and we'll dig in more on this next week! opencollective.com/fission/con

The just designated as a sponsor of state terrorism.

Parliament speaks as the voice of all Europeans: Russia must be stopped, and held accountable, and Ukraine must be free!


Johnson slams France and Germany but praises the EU for it's response to Russia's war on Ukraine

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Boris Johnson's Ukraine blast: Former PM claims Germany wanted country to crumble quickly | Daily Mail Online dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1

Giving Ukraine weapons with higher ranges will help them end the war faster, saving Ukrainian lives.

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The destruction of critical communications, headquarters, and logistics hubs allowed Ukraine to reduce casualties while it maximized battlefield successes. But how sustainable is this and what can be improved?

The BBC refused to cover the Opening ceremony to the in , instead opting for this incredible opening:


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