As interesting as Georg Riekeles' recount of lobbying in Brussels is, it's very sad to see him paddle the myth of "well-organised citizens' groups" & orgs allegedly orchestrated by in the context of the EU Directive.

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It may be hard for policymakers to imagine but yes there are people who care about politics & volunteer their spare time to come to Brussels & talk to them.

Many of them are part of the @edri community & have been working on since long before has been around.

This narrative discredits an entire community of activists that have worked with minimal resources and often for decades to protect everyone's rights online.

@ilumium @edri this.

I have been just such an involved individual for years. I have even documented some of the trips I took:

@ilumium @edri Meanwhile the concept of "digital democracy" (code for US hegemony) will glide right past them unquestioned...

Because apparantly we can't let China win!

Kevin Klyman @ Jacobin:

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