I get so tired of people complaining when an Open Source app has paid features.

What should the devs do instead? Starve? So they can't improve the app at all anymore?

If you want all your apps to be free, it's time to start fighting for things like UBI (Universal Basic Income) so developers don't NEED to sell app stuff to be able to stay alive.

Today we announced Nextcloud Hub 3 - Comes with a brand new Design and Photos 2.0 with Editor. Also a new initiative around AI nextcloud.com/blog/announcing-

I don't think I've ever heard of a sign with “OpenStreetMap is wrong”.

Just sayin’. 😉

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Nouvelle passion découverte ce matin via @textfiles@twitter.com : les panneaux installés pour expliquer que Google Maps se trompe et que ce n'est pas la bonne route

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The EU's anti-fraud office Olaf has opened an investigation into Neelie Kroes in response to the reports.

@NGIZero … Just as with Big Tobacco, we will start turning the tide against Big Tech when we manage to make them socially unacceptable.

With Big Tobacco this came with the Surgeon General’s report unequivocally stating that smoking harms your health.

We need the equivalent in tech.

Institutions like yours shouldn’t be pleading with Google to “do the right thing” any more than an animal rights group would plead with factory farms to “please, be kind.”

The goal is to not have factory farms.

When #greenwashing by #ad companies meets bad journalism.

Not at all what I expect from the #Guardian 😞


The message here is "yes we can make tiny symbolic gestures to protect the environment, but only if it saves #advertising profits":

No ads, no bees. Would be a pity if we had to throw away the flowers!

It's beyond ridiculous! I'm going to unravel the deception in five toots:

(this is 1/8) 🧵

Why is the production, sale and use of this kind of car not a considered a crime. @MercedesBenz

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30 people getting coffee.
Sprawl vs. urbanism

Ah the big classic.

"Apple is top funder of lobby group that says it represents small developers"

The so-called 'App Association' is also quite active lobbying the EU.


The ECJ just annulled the German law.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for judges to have to tell politicians with wet dreams the same thing over and over again.

I would so much love this article to be available in English: "10 things we could immediately do to fight child sexual abuse".

Guess what: neither indiscriminate nor breaking is among them.


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Hier noch mal 10 Dinge, die der Staat sofort tun könnte - und die viel effektiver wären als die leidige #Vorratsdatenspeicherung, um gegen Kindesmissbrauch zu kämpfen. (€) sz.de/1.5598211

Saying you work in Big Tech because you want to “change it from within” is like saying you’re a butler for the royal family because you want to overthrow the monarchy.

#BigTech #peopleFarming #surveillanceCapitalism #developer #designer #engineer #complicity

Do you use the "I don't care about cookies" extension? It was acquired by Avast.

You might want to swap over to Consent-O-Matic, which is free and open source - consentomatic.au.dk/

Wenn ist wird dir SZ zur Lokalzeitung und für nicht-Münchener unbrauchbar.

I've moved the FediTips website to its own address, can you let me know if it works okay for you?


Nope @DPDgroup_news, you did not "miss me". Your delivery driver just didn't bother to ring the bell. I was at home all afternoon. So so annoying.

You know when I was a kid we were told not to meet up with people in the internet, not to download executables from random websites, and not get into cars with strangers.

Now I can go to the uber website which deploys a webasm payload and summon a stranger from the internet with the express intent of getting in their car.

Times are strange

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