It's been a long wait, but we're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 11.0 on #Debian Bullseye :blobwizard:

⬆️ We're also providing an (hopefully one-click) migration from Yunohost 4.4 to 11.0. And yes, we're jumping from 4 to 11 to match Debian versions! 😜

👉 Version 11.0 is mostly focused on technical adaptation, but also contains a few security, UX, i18n improvements. Cool features are already in the pipelines for 11.1 and 11.2! 😋

More info in our release note:

Another excellent piece by @pluralistic about how large monopolistic corporations (in tech but not only) have been working for decades to maximise control over our devices and our lives.

I hate it when companies think it's smart to spam customers with email ads just because they bought something there. If anything it makes me want to never buy there again @WhiteWall_Lab

With the new Libre in the encrypted messenger comes back as version. Great news and a reason for me to join again as a user.

I can’t decide whether this stock photo illustrating a NYT oped is embarrassingly naive or incredibly accurate biting commentary.

@ilumium Also, why can not display prices for 🇫🇷🇩🇪 tickets? All of this works perfectly with 🇩🇪🇨🇭 tickets (@SBBnews folks can even scan German QR codes). But with , all seems lost.

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Hey @DB_Bahn & @SNCFConnect how can 🇩🇪🇫🇷 train travel suck so much in 2022? Why can't I book my cross-border ticket in the app but instead am sent to a dysfunctional website which then regularly throws an unidentifiable error and asks me to call a phone number?

Holy crap, not that the US organising coups d'etat elsewhere is news but hearing a former official admit it so bluntly, almost with pride, is just 😡

And the interviewer doesn't seem to even blink.

Via @NatashaBertrand at the bird site.

As an ex-corporate lobbyist a lot of the tactics sound familiar to me. Many companies lobby that way & many consultancies & (ex)politicians help. It's appalling.

What surprises me is that staff put all of this in writing and archived it.

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A diverse cross-party group of EU Parliamentarians call out the reckless behaviour of the Commission to overturn . If Commissioner is not captured by telecom industry, she should hear out & consult her plans.

I just realised that the wonderful app has apparently been discontinued. So sad!

Does anyone know a good alternative with a similar feature set (app lock, backups, etc.)? 😳

How the heck did I not know about the Humanitarian Team until yesterday?

Dear fans, please head to and help map areas where humanitarian support workers need good maps to respond to crises all over the world.

"If the average, well-off North American were to cut their carbon emissions to levels on par with typical top ten percent earners in Europe, they would trim their carbon footprint by roughly 44 metric tons annually. If just one in five Americans did that, the country could hit Biden’s goal of cutting U.S. annual emissions in half by 2030."

#JagBhalla, 2022

#ClimateChange #CarbonEmissions

Eine Frage der Aufsicht

Der #DSA verlangt die Einrichtung eines Digital-Koordinators in den EU-Mitgliedstaaten. Meine Überlegungen zu den Anforderungen an den #DSC durfte ich zusammen mit @KarlEHain1 in einem Gastbeitrag im @FAZ_Feuilleton beleuchten.

Dear Justice Department, Microsoft should not be allowed to do this

This narrative discredits an entire community of activists that have worked with minimal resources and often for decades to protect everyone's rights online.

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