📣 To all #MastodonAdmin​s: Use the "Mastodon Privacy Policy Generator" v1.0 to update your text for better #GDPR compliance.


👏 to @ilumium who co-authored with me the template originally for our instance eupolicy.social . I will follow the developments on best practices and plan to update the template and generator when necessary.

Tag your admin if you like to see this on your own instance! 😉

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@rriemann @ilumium Hi. I think this is a very good notice, and that you have a generator is awesome! Though, I'm confused -- is there a need to provide the legal identity (legal name? address?) of the Controller (A.13/A.14) -- and does just specifying a domain address satisfy as an identity?

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@harsh @ilumium

I added this relevant point to the todo section. Thank you. If you got the answer, let me know!

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