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📣 To all #MastodonAdmin​s: Use the "Mastodon Privacy Policy Generator" v1.0 to update your text for better #GDPR compliance.


👏 to @ilumium who co-authored with me the template originally for our instance eupolicy.social . I will follow the developments on best practices and plan to update the template and generator when necessary.

Tag your admin if you like to see this on your own instance! 😉

:boost_ok: #mastoLegal #MastodonPrivacyPolicyGenerator

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Newly unsealed court documents reveal data anarchy at Meta.

We've just sent the European Commission new material revealing Meta’s internal data systems
+how Meta infringes the new EU Digital Markets Act + GDPR

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This video should be used as teaching material.

Not just for algorithmic accountability and 'AI ethics', but for everything from essay writing in secondary school to any university course that touches on technology, business or policy.

It would make the world a better place.

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I'm now an Assistant Professor at School of Computing in Dublin City University (Ireland). Formal announcement 😁

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@harsh Totally agree. I think the way Consent-o-matic handles the process is much better (reject all or show pop-up for human decision). consentomatic.au.dk/

Firefox is trialing consent dialogue handling community.mozilla.org/en/campa Says will auto-click "Reject All" if that's an option, otherwise will click "Accept All". I think the second option - auto accepting everything, is EXTREMELY problematic. I get that we're all annoyed, but first Brave and now Firefox taking the lets bury our head in the sand approach is unfortunate. Its not solving the actual problem at all!

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🚨To mark International Data Protection Day the DPSN (Data Protection Law Scholars Network) is hosting its annual work-in-progress event on 27th Jan!

You can apply to present your work by 1st December, more details on the website: dataprotectionscholars.network

#dataprotection #law #research #conference

Mastodon also offers a new commercial avenue - if a company wants to set up a server that offers more ad-hoc services while still maintaining compatibility and interoperability with other Mastodon instances, its a good way to move this space forward. There's a risk of implementing lock-in features that keep users from moving away, but as long as the Mastodon federation works, I think this is still a win in the broad sense.

8€/yr will do a lot more for your Mastodon instance maintainence than it would have done for you on Twitter.

I have fun new puzzle! You know how the CJEU says if you (the human) make something 'public' you become the controller for that decision? What happens if a Service Provider (like big F or big T) require an account to view the post? Does it count as being 'public' or is it now in a 'private gated community'? And if latter, don't they also become the joint-controller for determining who sees it?

ISO/IEC 27557:2022
Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection — Application of ISO 31000:2018 for organizational privacy risk management iso.org/standard/71675.html got published

Mastodon has a neat solution to the verification challenge: own the domain. If you have an instance set up for yourself on your domain, it matches your website so people can easily verify its actually you. Of course this doesn't solve anything for people without a domain or with less popular domains. But it's still a neat solution based on the principles of the Web!

Time to test Twitter to Mastodon migration as the extent to which GDPR Art.20 Right to Data Portability is actually useful and how much extra work is needed. Can we download/export and readily import it in Mastodon? Can we demand Twitter (and Mastodon) to enable Controller to Controller transfer between them as required by GDPR giving that there's a significant population using both Twitter and Mastodon? Get in touch if you're interested in figuring this out 🤔

I lament the disappearance of radio stations - the original free music streaming service. No Internet needed, no apps, no tracking and profiling. Just a plain dumb antenna in a phone, and you coasting to music, radio hosts, and the acceptable ads.

Using "I'm happy" as the label for an accept button on consent dialogues has to be some intentional gaslighting by the designers. So, you know, if you're happy and you know it - click those accept buttons.

@admin the privacy notice at eupolicy.social/terms is a great example of GDPR applied over Mastodon, and it would be nice to share as an example for others. Except I don't seem to find the Controller identify and address? Could you help please?

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„With in chaos, is on fire“ weites CNN. Open your@account at eupolicy.social/about if you are interested to discuss . Once you have an account on our server, you can follow all on Mastodon servers. cnn.com/2022/11/05/tech/mastod

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