Twitter’s Brussels office empties at crucial regulatory moment

It's that time again; the data protection scholars network is organising the 2nd Work-In-Progress Event on 27 Jan
Get ready for another inspiring event where you'll present/hear 5min talks on all things data protection!
🚨CfP deadline: 1 December

CALL FOR PAPERS: The EU NIS 2 Directive is coming - and with it a whole bunch of implementation tasks. For the "International Cybersecurity Law Review" we are looking for exciting contributions on the topic for the issue 1/2023:

the recently created research Office of the Spanish Congress has published a report on for which I had the pleasure of being consulted. report available now for download here:

put your platform-stress into perspective by remembering all data processing is temporary 💽 illustration by Florent Bodart

possibly a great job opportunity if you're into the ! i can already imagine the selection interviews "do you think what is illegal offline is illegal online and should it thus be offline or online and who came up with this slogan, please elaborate"

are you a researcher and/or know interested students? the Scholars Network organises free online seminars on methodological issues to improve your research skills! Join us on 2 December 2022 to learn more about interviews with Ari Ezra Waldman, author of ' Unbound'

unclear to me if the agreement on this Declaration ( ?) is an agreement on the text as it was proposed by the EC... or has the text been rewritten? the original draft was funny, with this "we believe in many important things, and as a consequence today we promise you euh well... (again)"

the Call for Abstracts for is out! Scholars Conference 2023, 1st & 2nd June 2023 in Boulder, Colorado - submit your abstract by 30 January 2023 📮

53 years ago from today the EU Court of Justice ruled in Stauder, one of the most beautiful law cases ever, asserting a connection between the way in which cards with detachable coupons had been designed & the protection of fundamental rights

pic of the day: 'Woman at IBM 77 Collator with enlarged punched card, 1938 ca'

🚨To mark International Data Protection Day the DPSN (Data Protection Law Scholars Network) is hosting its annual work-in-progress event on 27th Jan!

You can apply to present your work by 1st December, more details on the website:

#dataprotection #law #research #conference

'New Frontiers in ' workshop! Join us on 6 December to discuss rights, & other 🔥 topics with @peterhense @SuVergnolle Tim Walree, Cristiana Santos, René Mahieu & more!

Laura Drechsler is now DOCTOR DRECHSLER and I got this super heavy torte & some other stuff that Kristina Irion said it's great. now how cool is this, people

will take place on 26 January 2023 in hybrid format, meaning in part in BXL for real too! 🥳 do you have a great idea for a session on ? please share by 17 November 2022 an @edri / LSTS / PrivacySalon / IEE collab

🥁 The 11th edition of is just around the corner! Submit your panel to join us in exploring the criticality of our digital worlds at .

❗️Send us your proposal by 17 November:

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