Moved our repos from to @Codeberg -
Migration was super-quick and painless. Impressed. Next, will look at joining as a supporting member.

@cjcolclough Hi, glad you like it! Your site is already not using any third-party cookies (good!). It looks like you're using Wix to publish your site, and the (first-party) cookies you do have all seem to be set by Wix itself, and all are "essential" according to Wix - you can read about them here:
Probably Wix won't let you get rid of these, but they don't look harmful to me.

Bin gestern durch einen Tröt auf die #Datenschutz-Test-Website von @dataskyddnet aufmerksam gemacht worden, habe meine Website getestet und fand Optimierungsbedarf. Tolles Werkzeug, gute und verständliche Anleitung zur Behebung von #Privacy- und #Dateninkontinenz-Problemen.

🥁 Sticker Exchange Round 3, here we go 🥁

Need new stickers? Want to share your designs? That’s what we’re here for!

If you’d like to participate, we need to have your stickers and envelopes on December 12, latest.

Hi! is a Swedish NGO working on data protection and digital rights issues since 2015. Members of @edri since 2022.

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