Hi! is a Swedish NGO working on data protection and digital rights issues since 2015. Members of @edri since 2022.

(Psst! Check your website (or someone else's) with our service Webbkoll - Currently available in English, Swedish, Norwegian, German and Italian; if you want to contribute to a translation, or add another language, we'd be super-happy - have a look at

@dataskyddnet @edri hi there. Tried your tool. Great stuff. Any additional tips as to how I prevent/remove all tracking/cookies. Thought I had when i removed Google Analytics. My site is

@cjcolclough Hi, glad you like it! Your site is already not using any third-party cookies (good!). It looks like you're using Wix to publish your site, and the (first-party) cookies you do have all seem to be set by Wix itself, and all are "essential" according to Wix - you can read about them here:
Probably Wix won't let you get rid of these, but they don't look harmful to me.

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