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Die neue Folge ist da!

Bei der Postfiliale des Grauens gibt’s einen unerwarteten Plot-Twist. Ihr hört, was Elon Musks Twitter-F***-Up mit uns zu tun hat, warum Schottergärten verboten werden könnten, und ob Fußgänger_Innen auf der Prager Straße bald nix mehr zu laufen haben.
„Frag doch mal bei Reddit“ und VA-Tipps sind natürlich auch dabei!

So wärmend wie eine Tasse Apfelpunsch mit Herpes-Gruß auf dem alternativen Weihnachtsmarkt Eurer Wahl,

#Cycling is very much a local activity. But at lot happens at the European Union that can make cycling nicer (or not!) all around the continent.
If you're ever curious, #askmeanything. I'll try to answer!

From bike parking to funding for cycle lanes and even whether cyclists need to get motor vehicle insurance -- these are all things that affect cycling and are cooked in #Brussels.

#Question #European #EU #transport #mobility #bikes #biketooter #sustainablemobility #activemobility

Und guten Morgen, ihr freiwillig Isolierten, ihr Maskentragenden, ihr Abstandhaltenden und Selbstgetesteten, und all ihr anderen, die sich trotz der neoliberalen Politik des radikalen Egoismus noch solidarisch verhalten!

If you follow a lot of art/photo accounts you might want to uncheck the autocropping that seems to be on by default in settings #art #photography #MastoArt #mastodon

"Ich finde es wie erwähnt ein wenig traurig, dass wir uns so schwer damit tun, als Erwachsene neue Freundschaften einzugehen. Denn wer Freunde hat, lebt gesünder. Das ist wissenschaftlich bewiesen – aber ich bin zu faul, die Studien rauszusuchen. Außerdem kommen dann mehr Leute zu deiner Beerdigung. Da will man sich ja posthum auch nicht genieren. Und ganz generell ist es ja auch einfach schön, Freunde zu haben."

(Ihr habt doch Wittkamps Woche schon abonniert, oder?)

tja hätten wir nicht gedacht, dass der rechte ein jahr später NOCH dümmer dasteht als der linke

Who knows if / how long Twitter will last.

What we can say with confidence is that plenty of policymakers are getting a live demonstration of the importance of stuff like data portability. is highlighting the need for regulation supporting a .

Is it really teaching history if someone isn't uncomfortable by the end of the lecture? #teacher #history

Dear #FediAdmin :fediverse: folk, please remember to take care of yourselves. :blobuwu:

These are exciting times and it's fun to be a part of what's happening, to be sure. But this is a marathon, not a sprint. :blobtoofast:

It's okay…

✅ …to close registrations on your instance;
✅ …if your instance is a bit slower or experiences some hiccups;
✅ …if some of people from your instance flow somewhere else;
✅ …to decide to run a smaller instance.

Thank you for your work! :blobcatheart:


Now that we're learning this lesson that centralized silos are brittle and operate in the interest of the owners not the users...

...please note the move toward centralizing podcasts into apps from Amazon/Audible, Spotify, iHeart, YouTube, TikTok etc.

If you like podcasts, use an RSS-based podcast player. Support the open ecosystem. We can only survive if you clearly see the threat and act supportively.

One thing I am interested in is machine translation.

What I like best about translation software is how it can keep you impressed and disappointed at the same time. When I see a tricky structure somewhere, I throw it into some online translation tools just to see what they come up with. The result is rarely boring.

Let’s have a look at a very basic example.


Of course you can follow people across instances, etc.

But the federation is really federation *of instances,* not of individual accounts, and there are things you can't do with some friends because they happened to choose another instance for their account than you did

And that choice is what's interesting to me. I have, like, a dozen areas of interest / focus / activity in my life. How do I choose a single one, to be represented in my choice of instance?

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You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies, in a privacy-focused environment and with no transfer of data outside the EU.

This initiative is part of an EU pilot for supporting and using social media platforms based on open-source software.

Follow us! 🙌

#EuropeanUnion #Mastodon #Fediverse

My one-tweet Mastodon starter advice:

1. Pick a server where people are likely to post generally about stuff you're most interested in.
2. Follow interesting people on other servers, who will boost interesting stuff into your home feed. THEY are your algorithm.

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