I really recommend this reflection by Paul Musgrave on the debacle: musgrave.substack.com/p/not-an. And then subscribe to his newsletter, “Systematic Hatreds”.

It's just so reassuring to go to the website of a company promising accessible, secure, efficient, and transparent [online] elections and then see this:

Translation conference coverage 

Day 3 of has just kicked off here in . After a poll about participants' relationship with words (tl;dr: It's complicated.), Michael Cronin is now on with the keynote of the day. THE POWER OF WORDS

Nervous laughter in the room as answers to the question "What does the future of translation look like?" pop up on the screen: "bleak". The picture is becoming more nuanced now:

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Back after the break with a panel of young professionals - this is a great idea! Here's a snapshot of what folks would have loved during their studies, but maybe didn't:

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Online poll right now about where people get their language technology news. Haven't seen any mention of Mastodon yet 😉
Screenshot of the word cloud with results by @rudyloock on the birdsite

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Dear followers, if you see too much translation-related content from me this week, feel free to mute 😉 (You can time-limit account mutes, because Mastodon is awesome.)

So, the Translating Europe Forum (organised by @translatores) is happening this week. I plan to live-toot (errrr) here on Mastodon for the first time.
The official hashtag is . Some instances allow you to follow that hashtag directly. But you don't even need an account, you can subscribe to it using any RSS reader: eupolicy.social/web/tags/2022T. @translators

“Fortunately, the European Union has managed to reduce its planet-heating greenhouse gas emissions by 31 percent between 1990 and 2020, the WMO says. But much deeper pollution cuts need to happen more quickly to prevent even more severe climate change.”

Tool tip: Linky makes posting links to Mastodon a real pleasure. (Also works with the birdsite, where I’ve used it for years.) pragmaticcode.com/linky

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