Addressing @EP_Agriculture this afternoon, @EUAgri’s M. Scannel gave MEPs an overview of stakeholders’ extensive (and at times conflicting) views on drivers of . Quite a number of stakeholders have raised the issue of and nutrition - and the overconsumption of meat. also a key concern, especially for lower-income households hardly hit by the .
Full recording of discussion here:

Yet another street billboard advertising unhealthy food on our way (back from) school. Another burger, this time from

🇫🇷 consumer organisation and @beuc member investigated the nutritional composition of kids' menus across 7 big fast-food chains (McDonald’s, Burger King, Quick, KFC, Subway, Brioche Dorée and O’Tacos). Not only is it generally poor (to be expected), but it has even *worsened* since 2010. Too many calories, insufficient nutritional information...
Full report (in FR) here:

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At the same time Coca Cola pats themselves on the back for their supposedly 'responsible' marketing to kids policy (via paid-for promoted tweets), in the UK they send a Santa-emblazoned Coca Cola truck on a tour to bring people 'the magic of Christmas nationwide'...

Informer sur le bilan carbone et réfléchir à l’utilité sociale de nos déplacements, faire jouer le signal prix, ou rationner ?
Le débat est ouvert sur les émissions liées à l’avion ….

Voir ici

Et là

"Ouin ouin, on peut plus inviter des intellectuels de droite sans que les wokes se mettent à protester." (remarque : en Belgique et en France ce genre de propos sont susceptibles de donner lieu à des condamnations pénales)
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Dans un entretien au Figaro, l'essayiste Mathieu Bock-Côté estime qu'«au terme du présent siècle, si la tendance se maintient, le peuple historique français sera en minorité sur son territoire.»

➡ ht…

For An Alternative Hedonism

Great piece by Kate Soper

"There is an urgent need for a politics of prosperity that dissociates pleasure and fulfilment from resource-intensive consumption"

We may work from home, but Americans are spending more and more on restaurant food.

The chart below is from Joseph Politano's wonderful Apricitas blog. Seems he's not yet migrated to Mastodon or Post, so you'll need to read him on Substack:

🗓️@EP_Agriculture meets next Monday & Tuesday
📢Public hearing on Reducing the impact of fertilisers
🗣️Exchange of views w/ Commissioner for Food Safety @SKyriakidesEU on sustainable use of plant protection products


Sometimes discussions on front-of-pack labelling seem like 👇

Sign the ECI and keep your shopping cart free of fur products this . Why? Because in farms deserve something better than a small, dark cage.

Very interesting investigation into the influence of the alcohol lobby in 🇳🇱 and even more in 🇪🇺, incl. in relation to the EU funds the sector receives to promote its products through programmes.

Dozens of commercials promoting sweets are seen on 🇮🇹 TV every evening, Il Fatto Alimentare reports, adding the company invested around 120 million € in in 2021.
(and then the same companies pretend ads have no impact on sales😏)

Someone’s had enough with advertising billboards in our neighborhood. They removed the ads and pasted pages from wildlife books for kids instead.

📰 | | Codex votes but zilpaterol remains unresolved.



Nothing healthy at

, unfortunately, was not a big issue” - MEP @peterliese

Almost 25% of excess mortality in Europe can now be linked to the health impacts of burning but health was “in the margins “ at COP27


From bananas to blueberries through orange juice and clementines … So many foods now claiming to be “ neutral”, “CO2 neutral” or “climate friendly” 🤪
Have you come across any such examples? Feel free to share them!

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