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New fellows, fresh ideas. HIAS officially welcomes the fellow group that moved in for 2022/2023. Katharina Fegebank @fegebanks@twitter.com, Andreas Timm-Giel @TUHamburg@twitter.com and Hauke Heekeren @haukeren@twitter.com welcome the new HIAS Fellows to Hamburg. On to the next round! @hh_bwfgb@twitter.com @unihh@twitter.com

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I am extremely honoured by the confidence my Group has shown in me today by nominating me as next @EU_EESC@twitter.com President 🙏
I will work hard to achieve wide-ranging reforms in our committee and to overcome challenges with strong unity among the Groups.
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AI journalism has a hype problem. To move past the cycle of reacting to each story, @sayashk@twitter.com and I analyzed over 50 pieces from 5 prominent outlets. We've compiled a list of recurring pitfalls that readers should watch out for and journalists should avoid. aisnakeoil.substack.com/p/eigh

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@brandobenifei@twitter.com @POLITICOEurope@twitter.com @IoanDragosT@twitter.com Grazie @brandobenifei@twitter.com finalmente in c'è più attenzione all'Italia ed alle capacità degli italiani oltre la pluri millenaria cultura la democrazia le bellezze naturali il vino il cibo e l'ospitalità. Avanti così, altre mete ed alte sfide ci attendono! Viva l'Italia!

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Grazie a @POLITICOEurope@twitter.com per aver nominato me e il collega @IoanDragosT@twitter.com come i legislatori europei in assoluto più importanti in questo momento sui temi tecnologici, grazie al nostro ruolo di relatori dell’ Act, il Regolamento Europeo sull’Intelligenza Artificiale. twitter.com/POLITICOEurope/sta

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Act: the co-rapporteurs proposed extending the regulation's scope to certain metaverse environments. The latest CAMs also touch upon requirements for high-risk AI, such as risk management & data governance.

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AI Liability Act (rec. 15): no need to cover liability claims when damage is caused by a human assessment followed by a human act or omission, while the AI system only provided information or advice which was taken into account by the relevant human actor. ec.europa.eu/commission/pressc

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Twitter, es reicht nicht Hass-Accounts nach etlichen Mahnungen zu sperren. youtu.be/6R492qaXklk via @YouTube@twitter.com

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Started-off the summer school with the dazzling workshop lead by @mediamocracy@twitter.com with @carolinaaguerre@twitter.com @PaulNemitz@twitter.com …still buzzing with ideas

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We will soon publish an advertisement for a legal postdoc job (3 years), to work on European non-discrimination law and the GDPR in the context of algorithmic hiring - the use of AI in the recruitment of job candidates. Feel free to let me know already if you might be interested.

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Sick of illegal cookie banners hiding a reject button? Reminder that the Consent-O-Matic plugin from @AarhusUni@twitter.com @MidasNouwens@twitter.com for Firefox, Safari (Mac/iOS) & Chromium auto-clicks reject for you, exercising your legal rights, and complements ad blockers. github.com/cavi-au/Consent-O-M

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How to - seriously - assess legal technologies? Yesterday we did a sneak preview of our TYPOLOGY OF LEGAL TECHNOLOGIES ⁦@iHub_RU@twitter.com⁩ 1/ ihub.ru.nl/event/event.page?id

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La dichiarazione in cui mi assumo le responsabilità del risultato e convoco un Congresso di profonda riflessione sul futuro del Pd.
Congresso al quale non mi candiderò.

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“But the Pound has stabilised on the markets today”. Desperate claims from some rightwing libertarian commentators

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If interested we have an entire chapter on why words matter here (chapter 2). Most serious scholars dropped 'far right' in early 90s because it was so broad it was considered meaningless

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Far right is unhelpful term, applied to fascists to conservatives. Better to distinguish between extreme right (revolutionary + reject democracy + authoritarian + biologically racist) & national populism (reactionary + direct not liberal democracy + national preference)

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Where are Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d'Italia getting their votes from?

Answer: not from the Left but from elsewhere on the Right. NB: @GoodwinMJ@twitter.com

Source: Consorzio Opinio Italia per Rai

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the PD bloc wins only 5 Senate seats out of 74 among the single member constituencies. They cover the provinces of Florence Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia, and the cities of Trent and Bolzano/Bozen. 1/2 @simonjhix@twitter.com

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