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Lithuania, our homeland,
Land of worshiped heroes!
Let your sons draw their strength
From our past experience.

May the love of Lithuania
Brightly burn in our hearts.
For the sake of this land
Let unity blossom!

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"In Kherson, we have no electricity, no water, no central supply heating, no mobile&internet connections. BUT THERE ARE NO RUSSIANS! WE’RE FREE!" - listen to this absolutely happy man saying in English Kherson residents can survive everything, except being under Russia's ruling.

During the match between #Portugal and #Uruguay, a fan with a rainbow flag ran onto the field

The man's T-shirt had the inscriptions "Save Ukraine" and "Respect for Iranian women."

The match ended with the victory of Portugal 2:0.


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This photo was taken in the "Madeira Islands" of a cloud before sunset, it looks like a meteor coming from the sky!

@DJGummikuh you can boost your own toot, it will work as quote toot [: Don't think too chirplike.

Italy is now home to another famous Leonardo! 💻
Meet Europe's new #Supercomputer — the 4th most powerful in the world.

Capable of 250 million billion calculations per second, Leonardo will enable scientific breakthroughs in health, climate, and clean energy technologies.

Find out more:


"So, it's like Twitter but it's not Twitter, everyone is really nice to each other and it's toots not tweets, boosts not retweets, and faves not likes and you choose a server at the start, which some people call an instance – don't know why, it's not important – but you can move servers really easily, and you write a good bio, hashtag your toots and always add Alt Text to images, and so I'm on there and we should, you know, connect so you can boost my toots... what's your name again?"


#France was shocked to learn of Ukrainian daring ingenuity of taking French #CAESAR artillery 10km into the Black Sea on floating barges to get within the 40km range of #SnakeIsland. Operation was successful and #Ukraine retook this strategic island. - reports The New York Times

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Europe is getting stronger in supercomputing.

LUMI and our recently inaugurated Leonardo are among the world's 5 most powerful supercomputers.

Coming up: Deucalion 🇵🇹, MareNostrum 5 🇪🇸

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There are some new EU accounts you can follow on Mastodon!

@EEAS (European External Action Service) is the diplomatic service of the EU representing Europe across the world.

@IHI (Innovative Health Initiative) is a EU public-private partnership, funding health research and innovation. Follow them for news on funding opportunities!

@eib (European Investment Bank) is where you can keep up-to-date on sustainable projects that make impact on people’s lives in Europe and beyond.


When can we expect to see a #mastodon icon alongside those for Facebook et al for easier sharing of content?

If Mastodon is too hard for someone to use, maybe it’s because they’re stupid. Which is a great way to keep out trolls, who are not known for their sparkling intellects.

2005: Rupert Murdoch paid $580m for Myspace.
2009: he sold it in $35m.

2008: Bebo was sold for $850m, to AOL. The founders later bought it back for $1m. It was regarded as one of the worst deals ever made in the dot-com era.

2013: Yahoo paid $1.1bn for Tumblr. 2019: they sold it in $3m.

Elon Musk paid $44bn for Twitter. If history has taught us anything it's that this isn't going to end well… when there wasn't a viable business model in the first place.

#Mastodon #Twitter #TwitterMigration

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