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Q: Who holds politicians accountable?

A: @LibertiesEU, in collab w/our member orgs, holds govs accountable in our annual Report.

🕊️We assess whether politicians act in the interest of citizens.

Support us to produce this report in 2023

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The government wants to scan your messages and photos before they get encrypted. If they can do it, so can others.

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"The DSA does not strike the right balance between countering genuine online harms and safeguarding free speech, It will most likely result in a shrinking space for online expression, as companies are incentivized to delete massive amounts of perfectly legal content."🧵

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Many people are requesting for the full report of my analysis on 2023 general elections published in @thecontinent_ today. The full report will appear in @AfricaDemocracy soon. So far 47 request from CSOs, academics & researchers. Thank you @Fromagehomme for the great job 🙌🏻

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The Israeli government + private companies like NSO Group are exporting mass surveillance tech tested on Palestinians, threatening civil society globally. Check out the visual on from @visualizingpal, @alhaq_org, Consortium, @BisanResearch.

The new normal in Brussels: no effort to properly tax big tech or solve the dysfunctions of the ad system, but every sector just asks for a fair share to a Commissioner with a saviour complex. Yep, that'll solve it.
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A tax on Big Tech could help finance media companies as a looming recession eats into advertising revenue, European Commission Vice President Věra Jourová said.

“I dream about a digital tax that wil…

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Maybe instead of YOU trying to think up "the least bad solution" you should TALK TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE STUDIED THIS ISSUE FOR OVER A DECADE. This issue has been studied. Repeatedly.

And your "least bad" idea puts people at tremendous risk.

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Ich habe dem @EP_PegaInquiry eine Reihe an Problemen mit Staatstrojanern in Deutschland erzählt. Dazu zählt auch die massive Geheimhaltung und mangelnde Kontrolle. Hier die Prüfung des BfDI des Trojaners vom @bka. "Wie sie sehen, sehen sie nichts." netzpolitik.org/2022/rede-im-e

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The seminal moment from Bill C-11 hearing last night involved cat videos. Senator @Paulatics had enough of disrespecting creators and a process in which the CRTC and @pablorodriguez choose to ignore, disrespect and intimidate rather than address concerns.

👍@AotaFr represents French small operators and see no need for a contribution by Big Tech to Big Telcos + highlight all the dangers for the rest of the Internet ecosystem, from small players to users
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Smaller French operators @AotaFr disagree with Big Telco and @FFTelecoms on . Can't see Big Telco doing anything useful with the money ... Why do they have such a negative vie…

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GDI estimates that the 40 U.S. news websites on which election integrity disinformation narratives are most frequently published generate at least $42.7m per year in digital advertising revenue.

This revenue is generated through ad tech partnerships: bit.ly/3NQKUdz

The usual flawed methodology to allow the IPR afficionados to waive impressive numbers, when the intro of the report itself kinda says the numbers don't mean much (oh, and the kid flipping burgers at Mc Donalds has an IPR intensive job)
Industries using intellectual property rights intensively create more than 81 million jobs 🧑‍🏭 in the EU and pay better salaries 💶.

More findings in the latest EUIPO-@EPOorg study: https://eu…

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The Future of Free Speech – Copenhagen Conference

Nine distinct experts from around the world take stock of where the future of free speech is headed.

Read more and register: futurefreespeech.com/copenhage

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And this is why media content should not be deemed as 'content moderation proof'...
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Links: BILD print. Rechts der aktuelle Online-Aufmacher. Schlecht, wenn man ohne Fakten zu schnell urteilt.

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's authorities have used electronic ticketing to cut down on protests at football stadiums. They have also equated protesters with football hooligans. Our contributing editor @kayagenc wrote for our magazine focusing on .


All is said about how more traffic in pipes affects (or not) costs for telcos: 'a surge of Netflix traffic through a high-capacity network is not the same as cranking up the thermostat to de-ice granny' lightreading.com/services/telc

So @LauKaya from @POLITICOEurope did a great job interviewing Avicca, the French association of cities and local communities for electronic communications and audiovisual. Their verdict [article behind paywall]: no needed for telcos pro.politico.eu/news/156506

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Moin! Ich suche Verstärkung für mein Team in Osnabrück. Falls du (d, w, m) Lust hast, mit mir und meinem tollen Team für eine sozialere, digitalere und klimafreundliche zu arbeiten, dann schau dir gerne unsere Stellenausschreibung an.

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