Ah, the magic of filters….
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.@Meta may have erroneously removed several million FB posts identified as “hate speech” by its AI, when these posts were really humor or banter. There are likely to be many other such examples of collateral damage to online speech fueled by “Elite Panic” about social media.

👇👏 @woelken for politely calling bulls**t on the European Commission
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🧵1/ 🍿 We're anxious for the answer of the @EU_Commission to this timely Parliamentary question on the "threat to from new fees for online services," that German 🇩🇪 S&D MEP @woelken raised in the context of the debate

➡️ europarl.europa.eu/doceo/docum

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I have seen many of my media friends talk about why people pay for news over the past days. I actually wrote a Plus article just about this, based on this model: baekdal.com/monetization/paidf

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Q: Who holds politicians accountable?

A: @LibertiesEU, in collab w/our member orgs, holds govs accountable in our annual Report.

🕊️We assess whether politicians act in the interest of citizens.

Support us to produce this report in 2023

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This YouTube video is for anyone who likes a few jokes about ,iIncumbent telcos (for some reason a bit more about Deutsche Telekom) and me being told at my first @ripemeeting I just presented the dumbest idea ever youtu.be/WNk4QzPL4jU

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Worth repeating ... in fact, this should be put on a poster and displayed in every news room.

If you want to hold a narcissist to account, starve them. twitter.com/baekdal/status/151

Pour les français et autres qui se soucient du respect des droits fondamentaux, soutenez-les 👇
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Pour qu'on puisse continuer à lutter, nous avons besoin de votre aide ! Nous sommes financé·es majoritairement par des dons et chaque contribution que vous pourrez faire nous sera utile (et sinon faites tourner la page !) Merci <3 laquadrature.net/donner/

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The government wants to scan your messages and photos before they get encrypted. If they can do it, so can others.

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Reminder that the Home Office recently planned on shutting a child in a glass box with a creepy looking adult, to move public opinion on encryption. Really great standard of debate ahead of the Online Safety Bill’s return. rollingstone.com/culture/cultu

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The "threatens 40 million users of WhatsApp and other messengers with constant surveillance of their private messages."

This will disproportionality harm the groups the Bill claims to protect. @jimkillock calls for a complete rethink.


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I'll tell you what I hate most about Twitter now: It's that the algo is force-feeding me every damned @elonmusk tweet.

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Top work by @IndexCensorship here. It's also as good a reminder as any that the Conservatives' wish to use the Online Safety Bill to retroactively criminalise and arrest any developer currently using e2ee, for any reason (see webdevlaw.uk/2022/07/31/fixing q3), is still on the table. twitter.com/1Br0wn/status/1595

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"The DSA does not strike the right balance between countering genuine online harms and safeguarding free speech, It will most likely result in a shrinking space for online expression, as companies are incentivized to delete massive amounts of perfectly legal content."🧵

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😡 Les médias @_reflets_@twitter.com et @Mediapart@twitter.com retournent cette semaine devant la justice.
Ils sont frappés par 2 décisions de justice ahurissantes : la censure préalable d’articles pas mêmes publiés.

Retour sur une semaine décisive pour la liberté de la presse ⤵️fondspresselibre.org/une-semai

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Fondspresslibre/st

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Cette semaine, on se replonge dans les questions de liberté d’expression et de censure sur internet qui nous préoccupent depuis toujours à La Quadrature. Thread à dérouler ⬇️
et si vous le pouvez, n'oubliez pas de faire un don ❤️

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"Bad ideas tend to be solutions to problems no one really has". This is the case for the Sending Party Network Pays model that is currently debated in the EU & S. Korea & could kill the Internet as we know it. My latest with @unbeatenpath.

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