We are looking forward to our livestream with Professor Catherine Barnard on Monday November 28th at 730

We will be talking about the Retained EU Law Bill and its implications

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If the Bird site is still running it will be broadcast live from there or you can catch it on Facebook facebook.com/GlasgowLovesEU

We will post the link here to our youtube channel once it is live
Hope you can join us

Tobias Ellwood, Tory MP said on the ITV Peston show last night "nobody wants a second referendum" on Brexit.

Would you welcome a second referendum on Brexit?

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Please consider signing this petition demanding a public enquiry into the impact of . It's the very least the UK deserves. petition.parliament.uk/petitio

#RetainedEULawBill #REULB #BREXIT 

@GlasgowLovesEU looks forward to discussing the Retained EU Law bill with Professor Catherine Barnard

The 'Brexit Freedoms Bill' is a catastrophic threat to our environment and devolution.

🇪🇺Removes 2400+ pieces of EU legislation
🌲Threatens environmental standards
🐇Puts species and important natural habitats at risk
🏛️Removes powers form Scotland and hands them to Westminster


This is your daily reminder that you have millions of friends and allies in the EU.

Also, Mastodon too has its share of trolls, sock puppets, shills, and other discourse parasites. They have no right to your attention.

Remember to #ShrugAndBlock to keep the site safe and supportive. Reports seem to make more sense here than on the bird site, so do make the effort if and when you have the energy.


Watch all the speeches in full very soon at MarchForRejoin.co.uk

Hosted by Lee Rudd, Featuring: Terry Reintke, Femi Oluwole, Guy Verhofstadt, Siobhan Benita, Madeleina Kay, Mike Galsworthy, Steve Bray and many more!

#RejoinEU #MarchForRejoin #Brexit


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