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Deep breath for .

: 5 years ago I started , a civil society organisation. We work to defend and strengthen democracy against foreign, domestic and technological threats.

The latter is why I'm preparing to move here, and why Defend Democracy demands EU leaders for an urgent security & regulatory review of Elmo's .

It started with weaponising .

With EU & 'useful idiots' enabling him.

But it's & paying the price.

industry keeps making billions.

We need !

90 years after Stalin's genocidal —a man-made famine that starved millions of Ukrainians to death— the Kremlin is again using food as a weapon.

To learn more, read @anneapplebaum’s “Red Famine” & listen to this Friday at 18:00 CET:

While govts are not stopping 's manipulation machine:

If we humans want to function better in a broken information space, instead of focusing on fact-checking & "fighting" we should learn more about our emotions and group behaviour.

"Meanwhile, Russia’s proxies and criminal groups have joined forces to exploit the energy crisis and fuel discontent. They hope to foment political turmoil. Using the entire spectrum of hybrid threats — including fake bomb alerts, cyberattacks, disinformation, calls for social unrest and unconcealed bribery — they are working to destabilize the government, erode our democracy and jeopardize Moldova’s contribution to Europe’s wider security."

President of Moldova writes:

BREAKING: EU Parliament declares a terrorist state.

It also demands Wagner group & Kadyrov's militias to be added to EU list of terrorist organizations.

And to develop new legal instrument to sanction Russian regime, govt factions & bodies.

Twitter 'Home' recommender algorithm is now as bad as LinkedIn's. (Very bad.)

Even after clicking multiple times 'Not interested in this tweet' I keep seeing same old tweet from 17 November from someone I don't even follow (a retweet from someone I do follow).

This morning I was a bit nervous about teaching a university class on '@DefendDemocracy' in the EU'.

Glad to get very good feedback:

"It was perfect. The students were very engaged by it, and especially by the personal touch you gave it!"

Done my good deed for the day 😊

For those also on Twitter: I'm re-upping @DefendDemocracy's do's & don'ts.

Don't reward a known security threat with traction.

Block & mute. No follow, no view, no reply, no mention, no retweet, not even 'retweet with comment'. That only amplifies him.

Just don't feed the algorithm.

On Twitter, some people are warning that Mastodon server/instance admins can read your DMs. As if this would somehow be worse than Musk and Zuckerberg reading your messages.

More importantly: if Twitter & Facebook have taught us anything, it's that you shouldn't use a *public* social media platform for exchanging *private* messages.

That's what Signal is for.

Een totaal onverwachte opsteker voor Stichting @DefendDemocracy

Dank voor je mooie gebaar, Sander!

Aan mijn Nederlandse volgers:

Tracteer jezelf op ’Sander over de brug’ en steun daarmee gelijk ’s werk.

Democratie heeft alle hulp hard nodig, ook in Nederland.

Why does matter for ?

Find out today with @NatoPaPress, @Meyer_Resende and GMFUS.

Join at European 'happy hour', on your DC lunch break, or over your Pacific morning coffee 😊

If Twitter has not imploded in one hour, you can find our Twitter Space here:

"Best way to counter malign foreign influences is to strengthen democracy in Europe."

This also applies to EU countries.

Therefore, @EU_Commission & @EUCouncil should step up defending democracy AT HOME.

is not just about , it's also about .

At Lithuanian after-party, without knowing my nationality, the barman miraculously served me a non-alcoholic ginger beer called ‘Double Dutch’ 😊

What better way to celebrate @DefendDemocracy’s 5th anniversary than by launching our Vilnius hub?

“Defending democracy is in our DNA,” says @LithuaniaMFA🐦

“Having a community is key to defending democracy,” says @FranakViacorka🐦

United for democracy!

Honoured to join Ukraine’s friends at their ‘Monday meeting’ in , Lithuania:

A weekly rally in support of 💙💛

Strong words of support by embassies of Georgia, Belarus opposition & U.S.

Moving to sing Ukraine’s anthem together with 🇺🇦 Ambassador.

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